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Unlock your child’s potential with Rally Reader

Like any good coach, Rally encourages, tracks progress, and gets great results in a fun way!

Visual of the feedback in Rally

Rally listens and gives feedback

Rally is the only AI-powered app that hears you read, identifies errors, tracks accuracy on a word-by-word basis, and provides real-time feedback.


Track their progress

Rally tracks daily reading stats on a personalized dashboard.

Visual of tracking in Rally
Visual of motivation in Rally

Encouraging reminders

Reading streaks, badges, and encouraging reminders motivate kids to practice and establish good reading habits.

Literacy Data

Personalized learning

Rally listens to your child read, and prepares them for upcoming vocabulary challenges by creating personalized flashcards.

Visual of literacy data in Rally

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Why kids 💜 Rally


Choice: More than 50,000 popular books to choose from.


Support: Stress-free, real-time guidance with fluency and vocabulary.


Personalization: Assistive technology meets kids where they are.


Encouragement: Motivational notifications and tracking make invisible work visible.


Fun: Kids earn badges and achievements to celebrate success.

Why parents 💜 Rally


Unlimited previews: Free previews help kids find their “just right” book, before you buy.


Encouragement: Kids are reminded to read, and you don’t have to do it!


Accountability: Rally streamlines accountability at home, giving kids reminders to read and parents a window into their child's hard work.


Connection: Celebrate victories big and small to encourage your child’s progress.


Boosts confidence: Kids get the real-time support they need to be confident, independent readers.

How it works

Kids choose a book from our library of 50k+ popular titles.

Kids practice reading out loud and get instant feedback.

Kids see their progress and share with parents or teachers.

Rally Reader's app is free, just pay for the books your child loves!

Choose from a huge selection of real books. Studies show that kids are more excited about building reading skills when they choose what to read. Rally's digital reading coach provides real-time error correction as kids read their chosen books!


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