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Rally Reader helps teachers make independent reading happen in class and at home

Leverage ESSER funds to advance literacy with the Rally Reader app.

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How it works

Kids choose a book from our library of 50k+ popular titles.

Kids practice reading out loud and get instant feedback.

Kids see their progress and share with parents or teachers.

Benefits of Rally Reader

Why kids 💜 Rally


Choice: More than 50,000 popular books to choose from.


Support: Stress-free, real-time guidance with fluency and vocabulary.


Personalization: Assistive technology meets kids where they are.


Encouragement: Motivational notifications and tracking make invisible work visible.


Fun: Kids earn badges and achievements to celebrate success.

Why teachers 💜 Rally


Actionable: Literacy stats are a force multiplier for teachers; dashboard insights highlight opportunities for student growth.


Accountability: Teachers can see that reading outside the classroom is happening.


Measurable: Individual reading statistics and progress is tracked.


Inclusive: Students of all abilities can benefit and participate independently.


Engaging: Teachers can connect with students based on reading history and interests.

Rally is designed to help teachers be literacy heroes!

Now, for the first time, teachers have a quantified view of each student’s reading. Rally Reader tracks every word read. Rally Reader’s dashboard provides individualized data that can help teachers identify trends to inform targeted instruction around decoding, phonemic awareness, and fluency skills.
Overview of the Rally dashboard

Using the Literacy Analytics dashboard, teachers can see:

  • Minutes read per day vs. goal
  • Accuracy rate
  • Persistence
  • Mastery of sight words
  • Reading streaks
  • Errors made vs. errors mastered

Book choice matters

We have the books kids actually want to read!

Being able to conference with students about books they’ve chosen rather than a general text-based assessment, allows teachers to tap into motivation and interest while working on skill building. This supercharges literacy development.

More than 50,000 popular books to choose from

Visual of Rally in the classroom

Rally in the classroom

Rally makes reading fun and engaging for all students while helping teachers build community with whole-class reading goals and celebrations. Rally tracks progress across an entire class, and rewards students when they reach their celebration goal!

Each class will be given a poster and minute stickers to help them keep track of their reading progress. Teachers are empowered to brainstorm celebration ideas with their classes, and implement the Celebrate Reading program in the way that works best for their learning community. 

Rally is a highly-scalable, low-cost technology for schools.

  • Try for free.
  • Affordable pricing with loads of book choices.
  • Once the app and selected e-books are downloaded, wifi is not needed to use Rally.
  • In just 15 minutes of oral reading per day, students can make substantial improvements in fluency.
  • Teachers get a scalable way to track student progress and the data they need to tailor their teaching to meet student needs.
Overview of the Rally dashboard

The #1 thing we hear from kids is, “reading is invisible work.” Rally Reader makes the work visible to kids, teachers, and parents.


Learn more about Rally for schools

Want to know if Rally Reader is the right fit for you? Reach out to our team to learn more about Rally Reader for your classroom, school, or district!