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Rally Reader for Schools

Stress free, real-time reading support

The Rally Reader app offers students access to more than 100,000 real books. The added benefit? A built-in AI reading coach that helps them self correct as they read in real-time. Rally Reader also auto-tracks student data and reading sessions, so you can come back and review on your own time.

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More than 100,000 popular books to choose from


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The #1 thing we hear from kids is, “reading is invisible work.” Rally Reader makes the work visible to kids, teachers, and parents.

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Why kids 💜 Rally


Choice: More than 100,000 popular books to choose from


Fun: Streaks and badges to earn and celebrate success


Encouragement: Motivational and supportive notifications


Personalization: Customizable reading experience


Support: Stress-free, real-time reading help with fluency and vocabulary

Why teachers 💜 Rally


Convenient: Recorded student reading sessions at your fingertips


Measurable: Data to track student reading and progress in real-time


Engaging: Built-in high frequency word practice, vocabulary, and games


Actionable: Dashboard that provides class overview to inform instruction


Adaptable: Flexible and supportive tool for reading centers, small groups, and more


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