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We help kids become confident,

independent readers.

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Benefits of Using Rally


Improve Faster

Real-time feedback on oral reading is the #1 way to improve. Rally provides that 24x7, and builds it in to the popular books kids love!


Unlock Magic Words

The 1000 most common words make up 75% of English books. Rally’s Word Wiz game rewards kids for each magic word they learn.


Develop Focus

Setting goals and tracking progress helps kids develop focus.


Build Motivation

Streaks and points motivate kids to practice and establish good reading habits.


Get Notifications

With our timely notifications, you will know exactly when to make your kids feel appreciated for their efforts.


Reduce Stress

Reading aloud to a parent or teacher can make kids feel anxious, which is counterproductive to learning. Reading to Rally is stress-free.


Enjoy Flexibility

Read silently or aloud. All reading counts toward Daily Goal. Kids can even read outdoors. Once a book is downloaded, no Wi-Fi is needed.


Highlighting and Notes

Deciding what to highlight and annotate helps kids think more deeply and develop their own ideas.


Sibs are Free

Share books within your family. Each kid gets their own dashboard and personalized support.


Boost Confidence

With Rally, kids get the real-time support they need to be confident, independent readers.


Expand Vocabulary

Tap any word. Kids get the pronunciation and a definition that matches their grade level. Building vocabulary improves reading comprehension, listening, speaking, and writing skills.

Watch a Rally Tutoring Session

How Rally Reader works

Live One-to-One Tutoring

every week.

Daily Practice

and real-time reading support in Rally's AI-powered app.

Dashboard Metrics

motivate kids and quantify progress for parents and tutors.

The Science

Daily Practice Leads to Progress

Students reading as little as 15 minutes per day show notable achievement gains. Rally Reader encourages and rewards streaks to help students develop healthy reading habits.

Tutoring FAQ’s

How do the two FREE Sessions work?

For a limited time, we are offering two private tutoring sessions and $20 book credit - for free. No credit card required. It is a $100 value. Enjoy! 


Who are Rally Reader tutors?

Rally Reader educators are hand-picked for their classroom experience, literacy training, encouraging teaching style, and ability to make learning fun! Every Rally Reader tutor is an expert teacher with at least five years of classroom experience. We can all remember a favorite teacher, someone who sparked our interest in learning and made school fun! Those are our people.


Where do tutoring sessions take place?

Tutoring sessions take place within the Rally Reader app on your iPhone or iPad. Open your Rally App > Education* > Start Session.

*Please make sure your child is logged in to their own account (not yours.)  Education > User icon or avatar (upper right corner) > Select user being tutored.

Do I need to attend every session with my child?

No, the tutoring sessions do not require parent or caregiver participation for children to attend. However, you are welcome to sit in if you wish.


What happens after my two free sessions?

At any time after your child's first or second free session, you can sign up for a monthly tutoring subscription. Rally tutoring subscriptions cost $180/month, and include 4 private sessions and a $20 book credit. 

How do I buy a tutoring subscription?

Open the Rally Reader App > Education>  User icon or avatar (upper right corner) > Select user being tutored > Purchase & Schedule.


How do I schedule tutoring sessions?

Open the Rally Reader App > Education>  User icon or avatar (upper right corner) > Select user being tutored > Schedule.


How long is a tutoring session?

Tutoring sessions are 24 minutes long. We make them fun, but we are also highly efficient. Data from the Rally Reader app enables our educators to focus time on the specific areas that provide the most benefit each child.


Can I buy just one or two tutoring sessions?

Yes! Customers with paid monthly tutoring subscription, can buy any number of additional sessions.

Open the Rally Reader App > Education>  User icon or avatar (upper right corner) > Select user being tutored > (scroll down) Purchase extra sessions.

How do I know how many sessions my child needs?

We recommend scheduling at least 1 session per week. Kids who struggle with reading or who need additional support to read regularly may benefit from 2 sessions per week.

Do I need the Rally Reader app to do tutoring?

Yes! All tutoring sessions take place in the app, and the Rally Reader app captures information about your child’s reading that helps ensure the tutoring sessions are best tailored to their needs.

Does my child get the same tutor every time?

Yes, your child will have the same tutor for each session. (Exceptions may be made if a tutor is ill.)

What devices can I use?

We support iPads running iOS 11 or later. While an iPhone can be used, the larger screen size of the iPad provides a better experience for kids.

The Rally Reading app must be installed on the device and your child will need to be signed into their Rally account to complete their tutoring sessions.

Do I need an internet connection?

Tutoring sessions require an internet connection or data plan that supports video conferencing.

Can I cancel a subscription?

Yes. We hope Rally Reader is right for your child. If it isn't, you are free to cancel anytime. Rally Reader App > Education>  User icon or avatar (upper right corner) > Select parent account > Subscription (upper left corner) > Manage Subscriptions > Cancel

Other questions?

Contact us at:Hello@RallyReader.com